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The Shan is alternative band from Edinburgh, Scotland. It’s the reckless result of a shared love of 60s garage, classic punk rock, and modern psyche music.

‘Shan’ is Edinburgian for ‘unfair’ or ‘shite’. Not that The Shan is shite, but pride ourselves on playing uncomplicated straightforward punk rock influenced by the likes of Ramones, Misfits, The Cramps, Pixies, and Hot Snakes.

The Shan was formed in Edinburgh in the spring of 2018 by drummer Josh Lohr. A native of the American Deep South, Josh relocated to Scotland from Chicago after stints in The Dirty Things and Side Action. The aim was to build a garage-inspired eclectic alternative punk band. In this quest, he found guitarist Spencer Agnew, snazzy fashion icon and transplant from Durham, and bassist Frazer Gibson, rhythm extraordinaire and local basketball hero. Spencer soon recruited native vocalist and guitarist, Gordon Cockburn, after previously playing together. Gordon rounded off the quartet with a crass sensibility, capturing the raw-fronted spirit of personal icon, Iggy Pop.

The Shan hastily recorded their debut 3-song EP Meanwhile in August of 2018 in Dundee after only being a complete group for two months. Much of their new unreleased material explores more of their 60s-inspired and 70s punk rock roots. Look out for a new full-length album to be released this winter as the boys are due to head back in the studio in late November 2018.

The Shan is:

Gordon Cockburn – Vocals, Guitar

Spencer Agnew – Guitar

Fraser Gibson – Bass

Josh Lohr – Drums


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